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One dealer, rare bookseller Sonny Ideker, “travels the world to build his offering of over 2500 antiquarian books. His set up is extremely impressive and presents the opportunity to step back in time, to personally see and touch works of literature one might never again find. Seeing his booth alone is worth the time and effort to attend the show,” (full article)
[Gail, THANKS! We enjoy your shows too!]

"If there was a Heaven this is it..."
(Wow, Melissa, THANKS!)

"You put mirth in my soul..."

[Rose, thank you for all your compliments, hope to see you again soon!]

" I became obsessed with Sonny Ideker's collection of rare and antique books. He let me dig in and really study them all. It was heaven spending time with these precious gems.
Some were from the 1600s!"

[THANKS! Claudia, we like
reading your blog too...]

"One of my favorite booths was bookseller Sonny Ideker's collection of antiquarian and rare leather and vellum bound books. Surrounded by all these books I felt temporarily removed from all the goings-on at Scott's. Looking at all these gorgeous bindings makes me think sometimes it's more than ok just to buy a book because it's pretty."
[ Well THANKS! Michele, we feel the same way]

"You were so very gracious and kind.  Additionally, your booth was amazing, attractive and eye candy for my soul."
[ Marlene, it was a pleasure meeting you too...]

and my favorite, from Lily, an (obviously)  intelligent  7 year old
from Dunwoody, GA:
" Wow! This is cooler than Disney World!"
[Lily, THANKS! You're cooler than any Disney Princess too...]

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Jane Austen, William Blackwood, Nicolas Boileau- Despreaux, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Borrow, Bronte Sisters, Robert Browning, Samuel Butler, Miguel de Cervantes, Geoffrey Chaucer, Andre de Chenier, Winston Churchill, Edward Earl of Claredon, Jose Maria de Cossio, William Cowper, Charles Dickens, John Dryden, Alexandre Dumas, Edward Fitzgerald, Benjamin Franklin, John Gay, Rev. G.R. Gleig, Rev. Henry Grove, Alexandre de Humboldt, David Hume, Washington Irving, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lamb, John Lawrence, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Diedrich Knickerbocker, Charles Knight, Jo. Baptiste de Luca, Lord Macaulay, Henri Martin, Gaston Maspero, Montesquieu, Isaac Newton, Samuel Pepys, Sholto and Reuben Percy, Lorenzo Pignotti, Edgar Allen Poe, John Ruskin, Sir Walter Scott,Eugene Scribe, William Shakespeare, T. Smollet, Robert Louis Stevenson, James Stuart, Jonathan Swift, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Lord Alfred Tennyson, William Makepeace Thackery, Dr. John Tillotson, Voltaire, Charles Dudley Warner among many others.

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Sonny Ideker, Bookseller

" T h a t  R a r e  B o o k  G u y "
General Antiquarian, Rare, Leather and Vellum Bindings.
Sonny Ideker

Steven Martin


Sonny Ideker, Bookseller

buys and sells antiquarian and rare, leather & vellum bound books.
From important first editions to entire libraries and collections.

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Collecting books and antiques for over 30 years while traveling internationally, Sonny Ideker, Bookseller, now based out of Roswell, GA., travels to shows throughout the United States offering the finest selection of rare, antiquarian, leather and vellum bound books. Working closely with decorators, curators, and collectors alike, Sonny Ideker, Bookseller is known for providing the selection, the service, and most importantly, the client's utmost satisfaction.

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Sonny Ideker

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